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FelceLaw is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, businesses, and other individuals to maximize their chances of success. Often, the law will seem confusing and difficult to navigate. Many people and businesses do not know where to begin getting the information they need to make the decisions that could change their future. We believe that smart decisions are informed decisions and work diligently to keep our clients current with the latest changes, trends, legal options, and other information that can affect their legal rights.  FelceLaw focuses on Business Law, Intellectual Property Law, International Law, and Immigration Law. While FelceLaw offers litigation services, we encourage businesses and individuals to take a preemptive approach regarding legal information. Many legal disputes can often be avoided if the parties involved seek legal help before or while entering the arrangement. Similarly, litigation will often be much more difficult and expensive than addressing a problem early on. Let FelceLaw guide you through your concerns and protect your legal interests.

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Sometimes the hardest part of having a successful idea is simply getting started. Although it may seem like a daunting task, FelceLaw will work hard to provide you with guidance regarding the best way to achieve your idea and possible ways to improve your business plans. FelceLaw can help advise you on the best business entity for your idea, smart ways of engaging your target market and provide you with the next steps so that you can make your idea into a reality.

Business Investors

FelceLaw is dedicated to helping investors protect their investment opportunities within the United States and abroad. If your business is building a branch, subsidiary, or granting a franchise, a lawyer can be a valuable asset and help you determine the legal benefits and detriments of each choice. FelceLaw is also committed to bringing new investment opportunities to the United States and can help foreign nationals through the process of acquiring investor visas.