International Litigation


International litigation is a complex area of law, which should be pursued only with the advice and understanding of an attorney who has concentrated on international law. In particular, international litigation can be complicated by factors such as diverse languages, legal systems, laws, culture, or social policy between the nations of the two parties. This can be further complicated by the enforceability of the judgment in a foreign jurisdiction, the assets of the parties, as well as the manner in which conflict of laws are resolved in each nation.

This can be further exasberated when there are multiple parties all in different jurisdictions. This type of scenario demands an attorney with a deep study of both public and private international law. FelceLaw can provide the zeal and advocacy required to handle these cases confidently and efficiently.

How An Attorney Can Help:

There are a large number of considerations that come into play when deciding to litigate an international dispute. Among these considerations are the possible forums of the dispute, personal and subject matter jurisdiction, service of process, conflict of law rules, substantive law of the forum, and the enforcement of the judgment in other jurisdictions. Your chances of succesfully litigating a dispute increase significantly when you consult with an attorney that understands the weight and interrelation between al of these considerations. Further, the answers to these questions will often require cooperation and coordination with attorneys from other jurisdictions. FelceLaw can help make sense out of these considerations and concerns in order to provide you with the best litigation strategy available.

Other Solutions:

In many situations, litigation may not be the only option available to the parties in a dispute. Often, these situations can be resolved through the use of mediation or by submitting to arbitration. Generally, neither party to a dispute wants to unncessesarily waste time, energy, and resources on litigation if it can be avoided. Mediation and arbitration have been recognized as effective means of resolving disputes while keeping costs down. FelceLaw can help you consider these options and see if they're appropriate for your situation and to strategize in order to maximize your chances of resolving your disputes through either mediation, or arbitration.

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