International Taxation


There are many legal systems and financial structures now in place that grant companies business and tax advantages. In particular, some of the reasons why companies look to offshore financial institutions include enhanced asset protection and lower taxes while still maintaining stable banking and financial services. Many of these jurisdictions maintain very business friendly regulatory regimes and provide flexible mechanisms for managing your business structure. Others grant more lax investment opportunities, which provide many companies and individuals with investment freedom.

Possible Uses For Offshore Financial Centers:

Many jurisdictions have established very comprehensive and business friendly financial systems. In particular, some of the most prominent business opportunities take the form of:

-Trusts (Estate Planning, Asset Protection, Taxes, Portfolio Management)
-Hedge Fund Formation
-Hedge Fund Investment
-Structured Finance and Securitization
-Captive Insurance
-General Corporate Activities

Every financial business structure is different and requires thorough analysis. FelceLaw can help you structure your business or financial investments in order to maximize your future returns and investment capital.

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