International Transactions


In the age of globalization, international deals are increasing in number. In many cases, there are significant risks associated with conducting international transactions. Many of these risks stem from political, cultural, economic, or location barriers that exist in the foreign jurisdiction. However, the large number of these risks can be greatly reduced or eliminated through the use of an attorney.

Considerations When Transacting Abroad:

When a business considers expanding its product abroad, there are a great number of considerations that come into play. Sellers and buyers of goods will often feel hesitant in engaging in international transactions due to legitamete concerns about actually receiving payment for a product that is shipped, or about acquiring a product after having paid for it. Large transactions require the minimization of risk and uncertainty. FelceLaw can help alleviate these concerns by structuring your transaction in a way that minimizes these risks. Just as in domesitc transactions, international contracts require a great degree of clarity to avoid future disputes. Further, the potential for large differences in currency, culture, law and customs make the need for clarity in a contract even greater than that of domestic transactions. Further, many treaties are in place between different nations and the effect of those treaties should  be considered in relation to the proposed transaction.

Typical International Transactions:

The most common types of international transactions include:

-Sale of Goods
-Professional Services
-Financial Investment
-Technology Transfers
-Supply Agreements
-Distribution Agreements
-Joint Ventures

These are just a few of the many ways that an international transaction may take shape. FelceLaw can help structure a deal in a manner that takes into account both the business and multijurisdictional nature of the particular undertaking. Reduce your risks and let us draft or review your business deal.

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